Attribution: How, when and where?

Updated date: 2020/6/23

It takes a lot of effort and time for content creators to produce top-quality images and we believe that they deserve proper recognition for it.
If you are a Free user you must always attribute the artist when using our resources.

How to attribute?
In this below mentioned link, you can see the photo name ”The Jewel” on the center of the image and the artist name on bottom left of the image ”Amin”:

Proper attribution line would look like:
"Photo is taken by Amin and is downloaded from"
You only need to include one line for each author (not for each photo).
Proper attribution format for different digital platform is mentioned below:
Insert the attribution line on the page containing the photo. Attribution should be done next to the image or on the footer of the website.
Printed products:
Mention the attribution on the final work so the actual authorship is recognized (for instance, in the acknowledgements chapter of a book).
Place the attribution on the app's credits page and on the description page of app store.
Social Networks:
Mention the attribution line "Photo is taken by [author link] from @hdpick" (E.g.: Photo is taken by @amin from @hdpick) on the post or in post comments.